The Importance of the Family Farm

Every week 330 farmers are forced to leave their land and while the cause isn’t always the same, much of the reason is due to the bigger agribusinesses muscling in on their trade. Most people dismiss this as the necessary symptoms of progress and happily go back to their evenings, surfing the internet powered by HughesNet Packages and the like. However, few people really understand the benefits smaller, family farms can create.

Aside from providing fresh and high-quality food to the community, family farms also serve as responsible custodians of the land. Many of the major agribusinesses rely too heavily on high-grade pesticides and fertilizers which pollute the land in the long run and can lead to problems in both the quality of the food and the health of the individuals eating this poisoned produce.

The existence of family farms also plays a major role in rural economy, creating jobs and opportunities for the locals while relying less on automated processes that can really lower the quality of the produce. Not to mention bolstering the overall sense of community. Family farms are crucial to maintaining that tie between consumers and producers in the community. When you look at everything in the long-run, agribusinesses may produce more food in a shorter amount of time but it is neither safer nor healthier .

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