Community Access to Locally Grown Food Is Improving

One would be hardpressed in this day and time to not be able to find a local Farmer’s Market. The more our society learns about genetically modified foods, pesticides and herbicides, the more consumers want to know where their food comes from. As a result of this, local farmers, and even household gardeners have come to realize there is a market for their produce.

What used to be available only close to rural farmland, has now cropped up in bigger cities. Higher populated areas have even had this trend broadcast on local news channels. Food growers can set up a sales booth virtually anywhere, at no cost, and sell fresh fruit, vegetables and even homebaked goods. Typically, these vendors leave their booth at the end of the day, having sold everything they brought.

Health food stores and local co-ops are being requested in more locations – not just the big cities. The marketing for these businesses have indicated that they buy locally when they are able to and that their consumers are asking for that option. Smaller, mom-and-pop style stores are opening with the owner buying local farm produce from the grower, then selling it usually in the same day.

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