The Sustainable Food Movement Is Growing Nationwide

In a world with high gas prices, political instability in the Middle East, an American desire to be free of petroleum bondage, and an energized movement to protect the environment, how can we as everyday Americans do our part to help our country and the world? Is there a movement we can grasp onto?

More Americans than ever before are getting hooked on the idea of sustainable food development. Local farms are popping up everywhere, even in the urban areas like New York. Individuals are using their balconies as gardens. Community gardens are becoming ever more popular. So what can we do if we don’t own a farm or have enough balcony space to grow a garden in the city?

The best way we can support the sustainable food movement is by buying local. We can go out of our way, even if it may cost us a few more dimes, to support local farmers and their products. The more we buy the products raised and shipped from other areas of the country and world, the more we contribute to high gas prices, our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Every one of us can make a difference.

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