Why Not Bike to Your Local Farmers’ Market?

Whether your interested most in environmental, health or budget issues, riding your bike to the local farmer’s market can become a good habit to cultivate. Supporting agriculture in your area not only improves the local economy, but it is a truly green solution to the problem of getting food on the table. Adding a bike ride to the mix improves your health while reducing emissions pollution and road congestion too.

Local farmer’s markets attract produce growers from your home state. Transporting the food to the site takes less fuel and creates less pollution than buying supermarket vegetables and fruit Read the rest of this entry »



Why Grass-Fed Cattle Are Better For You

Grass-fed cattle is better for you because the cows are allowed to graze in open pastures. This keeps them from gaining too much weight. If a cow is stuck in a tight stall without exercise, they will have meat that is tough and covered in fat. That’s why grass-fed cattle is preferred over cattle that is raised in cramped stalls. American beef is a popular way to get protein from the foods you eat.

Grass-fed beef is low in fat and offers a large amount of protein. Protein is an important part of any healthy diet. Don’t eat Read the rest of this entry »



Your home is growing; your coverage should, too

Many people start out their adult lives initially renting after moving away from their parents. Then they tend to get married and decide that it is time to buy a home. The most common choice of housing that most newlyweds will opt for is what is referred to as a starter home. The hope is that it will be possible to sell the relatively small starter home and then buy a larger home as a family starts to grow.

Interesting changes can happen after people move into a new community. Some families decide that they like the neighborhood they live in. Their kids might be settled in school and have many friends that they enjoy. The family may also really love their starter home some much that there is no real desire to move. Rather than getting a real estate agent and looking for a new home, these families might decide to add a room or two onto their existing home structure. If the house is located in an area with bouts of bad weather, they may also want to add a garage.

When our hypothetical family bought the house, it may have been worth 100,000. After renovations and expansions, it may be worth 150,000 or even over 200,000 if the housing market is decent. This is a really great appreciation in value, and it comes at a correspondingly great cost. In all likelihood, this family bought an insurance policy with the initial loan because their lender required it. If they were able to pay for their renovations without taking out a second mortgage, it may have slipped their mind to add additional coverage on the current value of the structure. A total loss would lead to the insurance policy paying on the original value of the home, not the current value. Those who have made large home improvements should look to http://www.insurancetown.com/ to see where they stand in terms of their current insurance coverage. The experts at Insurance Town will be able to give quotes that will fit a family budget and meet the changing needs of growing houses and families.



Why Organic Beef Sales Continue to Rise

There has been no mistaking the rise in organic beef sales all over the country. With so many more people realizing the need to eat healthier foods and to make sure that they are completely free of pesticides and other nasty chemicals from eating meat products, there is no wonder. With the invention of the internet, information has become more widely available than any time in recorded history. More and more people are able find out what goes in their food before it hits their dinner tables. Since people are beginning to wake up to how major players in the food industry treat animals, more consumers will begin to choose organic options for meals.

Because of this wake-up call, farmers and professional ranchers need to do something immediately about what they give their animals before slaughtering them. Growth hormones and and other various chemicals only serve to offer animals a poor quality of life before they are slaughtered for food. Mutations occur and there is every chance that diseases could be passed over to those who eat these animals.

If professionals do not move to change how they do business, more people will continue to purchase organic foods. People want to be healthy and eating wholesome goods is the best way.



The Importance of the Family Farm

Every week 330 farmers are forced to leave their land and while the cause isn’t always the same, much of the reason is due to the bigger agribusinesses muscling in on their trade. Most people dismiss this as the necessary symptoms of progress and happily go back to their evenings, surfing the internet powered by HughesNet Packages and the like. However, few people really understand the benefits smaller, family farms can create.

Aside from providing fresh and high-quality food to the community, family farms also serve as responsible custodians of the land. Many of the major agribusinesses rely too heavily on high-grade pesticides and fertilizers which pollute the land in the long run and can lead to problems in both the quality of the food and the health of the individuals eating this poisoned produce.

The existence of family farms also plays a major role in rural economy, creating jobs and opportunities for the locals while relying less on automated processes that can really lower the quality of the produce. Not to mention bolstering the overall sense of community. Family farms are crucial to maintaining that tie between consumers and producers in the community. When you look at everything in the long-run, agribusinesses may produce more food in a shorter amount of time but it is neither safer nor healthier .



Why Buying From Your Local Farmer Makes Sense

There is every reason to buy from local farmers, especially considering the amount of work that they put into harvesting so much delicious, healthy produce. Many people are sadly heading to their local “big chain” grocery stores and purchasing fruits or vegetables that are simply not up to par. There are plenty of good reasons to save as much money as possible, but one should never sacrifice quality for a few extra dollars in their pocket. It just does not make any sense. Purchasing produce from local farmers helps the economy in your area and it is simply a great way to find the right foods to stay healthy.

Purchasing produce from local farmers will ensure that you get healthy foods that are completely organic and free of all pesticides. You can also buy as much non-mutated, natural corn as your pantry can hold. Buying from local farmers will cut out the middle man, which helps local business to thrive. Besides, local produce is always fresher and has a more vibrant color than foods bought from the store.

You can help your family out a great deal by purchasing foods locally. You will also help to keep the little guys in business. It’s a great idea for everyone.



Sustainable Food Systems are Growing in Popularity

There are many different food systems that are growing in popularity. Sustainable food systems are definitely something that is very popular. There are many dfiferent systems that can be counted on, but these are among the most common. There are many reasons behind these findings. Many people can actually grow whatever types of foods that they want to on their farms, but it is really up to the farmer to know what exactly they are doing. The more healthy foods are among the most popular, and that is one of the reasons, if not the main reason, why Read the rest of this entry »



Community Access to Locally Grown Food Is Improving

One would be hardpressed in this day and time to not be able to find a local Farmer’s Market. The more our society learns about genetically modified foods, pesticides and herbicides, the more consumers want to know where their food comes from. As a result of this, local farmers, and even household gardeners have come to realize there is a market for their produce.

What used to be available only close to rural farmland, has now cropped up in bigger cities. Higher populated areas have Read the rest of this entry »



The Sustainable Food Movement Is Growing Nationwide

In a world with high gas prices, political instability in the Middle East, an American desire to be free of petroleum bondage, and an energized movement to protect the environment, how can we as everyday Americans do our part to help our country and the world? Is there a movement we can grasp onto?

More Americans than ever before are getting hooked on the idea of sustainable food development. Local farms are popping up everywhere, even in the urban areas like New York. Individuals are using their balconies as gardens. Community gardens are becoming ever more popular. So what can Read the rest of this entry »



Better Eating Comes From Buying Local Foods

Eating well in today’s fast-paced society often seems like an impossible feat. However, by buying local foods we can often solve this problem. Local foods not only stimulate our local economy, but they are also less-processed and can be the inspiration we needs to eat better.

First of all, buying local lowers the cost of transportation and packaging, thus lowering the cost of food for us. Therefore, the excuse that processed food is cheaper than fresh food becomes false.I found some more information here. You will be much more likely Read the rest of this entry »